Jacqueline and Malcolm Lobb

We were landowners in West Swan which is known as Dayton. We have known Aydin since she first started back in 2004.

Aydin organised the first meeting with all the landowners’ approximately 120 of us and she has been very consistence with her dedication and attention to us in the rezoning process. We signed an option agreement, we took the option of selling our whole property, and since then she worked closely with not only us but all of the other landowners in the area. After we were paid out we were allowed to stay in our home for a further 2 years without paying rent. This proved to be very helpful for us as we did not have to panic about where we were going to go, we received our money and had plenty of time so as not to rush our decision.

Anytime that the developers required to enter our property Aydin would always let us know and never entered unless we knew first. After Aydin moved into the area she organised plenty of parties and gatherings at her house for all of the landowners where we all got to know each other on a personal basis.

We were kept up to date of progress and had our concerns and queries promptly attended to. We also want to mention that Jon Burgess was always at every meeting that Aydin held to make sure everyone had all their planning questions dealt with. And from the onset Aydin and Jon were the consistent ones – that were always there to answer any questions that came up.

We want to assure anyone who has the opportunity to work with Aydin that you’re in good hands as she is a woman of integrity and honesty.

Even though we have moved on from Dayton and with our lives we have had a very good and positive experience with her and know we can still call on her for any advice we have with realestate.

We hope this has helped you all with having faith in her ability.

Jacqueline and Malcolm Lobb

Lui Palamara

We met Aydin Yahiya when she invited us along with all the other landowners in our area of West Swan, which is now Dayton.

Aydin worked along with myself and my brother who owned the property and showed us how to retain our house and benefit financially by doing this. This proved to be a very good option for us and we took this option of retaining our house on 4000 sqm.

We still are waiting for our titles to be issued but this has been okay with us as we have not paid any of our taxes or rates for approximately 9 years. We are now in a very good position with our retained land as they are currently developing around us.

During this time we have called on Aydin on numerous occasions and she has always been attentive and handled everything very quickly. She has never made us feel insignificant even though she had many people to deal with and she always kept us in to date with what was happening. Our parents also lived in the area and she was always there whenever they needed anything.

Even when we had other issues, both Jon Burgess and Aydin (who by the way have been the only ones there from the beginning till the end) were very helpful and went out of their way to find the answers for us. I strongly recommend if you are thinking about doing business with Aydin and/or Jon that you can be reassured you will get honest from them. If it’s possible, they will find a way to do it.

Lui Palamara

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