Our Team

Every design we create, every decision we make is based on the solid foundation of being sustainable and functional – for the environment, the community and our clients who choose to invest in our professionalism and dedication.


Burgess Design Group is a boutique sized planning team comprising 6 specialists, including:

  • 4 town planners/urban designers
  • 1 graphics, designer, cartographer, architect
  • 1 administration/support staff

Being this size our team is large enough to undertake projects of any size, yet small enough to offer a personalised and efficient service.

Meeting daily as a group, our whole team has an understanding of all of our projects, providing our clients with multiple points of contact and thus facilitating the provision of timely advice.

Our leadership team was specifically conceived to bring together three like minded individuals with considerable experience and importantly, complementary skill sets.  These skills include project leadership and planning in private practice consulting, state government and local government.


Jon Burgess
Jon Burgess

Jon Burgess (Director) has worked in private practice consulting since 1987, following two short contracts in local government. Jon has created state and national award winning projects and is the firm’s specialist urban designer, having designed tens of thousands of lots within Western Australia and in South-East Asia. Jon founded BDG and has been a company director since 2001. Jon leads by example with his genuine and considered approach to business, service delivery and work/life balance together with his passion for urban design and the creation of successful projects. His skills revolve around his long term private practice depth of experience and the strength, determination and acumen of being a (sole) business owner for more than a decade. In addition to his family, Jon’s passions include cars (old and/or fast), Tae Kwon Do and hockey.

Mark Szabo
Mark Szabo
Associate Director

Mark Szabo (Associate Director) joined our firm in early 2012 following 7 years in senior state government roles, including manager/Acting Director at the Department of Planning and as a specialist advisor to the Minister for Planning.  Mark also has previous experience in local government and private practice consulting.

Mark also leads by example with a strong work ethic and considerable experience with managing people, projects and workflow.  Mark brings to our team extensive State Government and Ministerial level planning experience, for which he is highly regarded.

In addition to his family, Mark’s passions include cooking, brewing, golf, sport and movies.

supprt staff1

Our leaders are supported by a planning/urban design/graphics and administration team that is inclusive and has a strong commitment to each other based upon the foundation of key Core Values